Energy Savings

FoamLime system creates climatically well-protected environments, reducing the energy demands of the building both in winter and summer.

FoamLime controls the temperature indoors –its high resistance and low thermal diffusivity, as well as its high heat characteristics, maximise the capacity of the walls to store heat. FoamLime optimises the thermal inertia of the walls, working as a barrier thus avoiding the accumulated heat during winter from escaping to the outside; in summer, it prevents heat from penetrating the internal wall.

Thermal bridge breakage

FoamLime system avoids thermal bridges and prevents construction damage by condensation water without expensive investments in corrective measures.

Breaking thermal bridges also contributes to energy saving; it reduces costs in air-conditioning during summer and heating in winter.

The application of FoamLime system limits fossil-resources exploitation, complies with energy efficiency standards and raises the value of buildings.

Ecological and sustainable

FoamLime is an External Thermal Insulation Composite System which reduces environmental impact dramatically, presents an excellent eco-balance and complies with the sustainability principles.

FoamLime creates healthy environments inside buildings; cool in summer and warm in winter, increasing welfare, comfort and quality of life.

Moreover, FoamLime is a “healing” product against fungus and bacteria which affect old buildings due to the exceptional fungicidal and bactericidal properties intrinsic of lime.

FoamLime is 100% ecological and is HCFC-free (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), CFC-free (chlorofluorocarbons) and fibres-free; it is environmentally-friendly and its residues are recyclable and re-usable as aggregates.

Mechanical Strength and Structural Stability

FoamLime Covering Systems provide better watertight resistance to physical impacts (vibrations, wind, freeze-thawing cycle, etc.) and chemical ones (rain, acid salts) as well as to ultraviolet and infrared solar radiation. FoamLime gives a high resistance against outdoor conditions, exhaust gases and microorganisms.

FoamLime systems absorbs a great amount of impact energy without being damaged because FoamLime Base and FoamLime Adhesivo mortars are reinforced with micro-fibres and have the necessary adherence and elasticity to guarantee the maximum mechanical strength of the system.

In addition, the strength of the base covering increases with hardening time and the carbonation of the mortar.

Resistance to Fire

FoamLime is a mineral thermal insulation system, classified by reaction to fire as Euroclass A1, which accredits:

  • It is fireproof.
  • It does not give off smoke.
  • It does not contribute to fire propagation.
  • It does not produce fire leakage or sparks.