FoamLime is a thermal-insulation, renovation and energy qualification system which combines the properties of cellular-glass panels and natural-hydraulic-lime technical mortars.

Foamlime system fuses tradition and technology together and is the result of years of innovation and development by Grupo Ibercal in order to obtain an external thermal insulation system that reduces environmental impact and complies with sustainability principles.

Foamlime integrates thermal insulation and coating in a single system; it forms the envelope of the building both in new construction and in rehabilitation and breaks the thermal bridges thanks to its external-insulation continuous perimeter disposition.

FoamLime eliminates temperature fluctuations in load-bearing walls and reduces tensions and crack formation in coating or cladding due to shrinking and expansion as a consequence of constant temperature changes during the night-day cycle along the year, thus lengthening the useful life and maintenance of the facades.

FoamLime is different from other ETICS systems because of the excellent integration of its components --cellular glass and lime— and the homogeneity of its coefficients of linear thermal expansion.

FoamLime systems allows any type of finish, texture, colour and cladding system, adapting to the aesthetic needs of each project either in new construction or rehabilitation.

Immediate contributions of FoamLime system:

  • Perfect building envelope.
  • Energy savings.
  • Structural stability.
  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Unlimited designs and finishes.
  • Optimal for both construction and rehabilitation projects.

Benefits from using FoamLime Insulation System:

FoamLime External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) complies with the TBC (Spanish Technical Building Code) and reduces air-conditioning energy consumption dramatically.

Below, there is an example of a comparative calculation between an enclosure without insulation and the results of applying FoamLime over the same enclosure.

Concepts Dwelling without insulation Dwelling insulated with FoamLime Improvements provided by the insulation
Thermal lag of the enclosure 5,37 h. 12,80 h. 138,36% more
Wave absorbing 74,50% 96,50% 29,53% more
Losses through the enclosure 24,50% 3,50% -85,71% less
Power necessary to condition an enclosure with constant average indoor temperatures of 22 ºC being the outdoor average temperature of 5ºC in Winter and 30ºC in Summer, measured per square meter of enclosure and month. WINTER SUMMER WINTER SUMMER Improvement in Winter Improvement in SUMMER
4,186 kWh/m2 1,582 kWh/m2 0,824 kWh/m2 0,374 kWh/m2 -80,30% -76,30%

FoamLime Technical Data

Reaction to Fire (DIN EN 13501-1) EuroClass A1
Service Temperature Limit De -260ºC a +430ºC
Water Vapour Resistance (EN ISO 10456) μ = ∞
Hygrometry 0
Capillarity 0